Monday, August 28, 2006

Recovery Is On-Going

It is hard to grasp exactly what has transpired this past year. Such an outpouring of care, concern, prayer, contributions and personal visits by all the inspiring volunteers has truly made the difference between a permanent catastrophe and a devastating one-time event..

As we continue our transition from recovery to rebuilding and growth, we ask that you continue as you can with what you have already begun - a demonstration of what the Spirit moving in each of us can do. We are very, very grateful for the difference that has been made in the lives of everyone on the coast - the ones who suffered and were comforted and also the ones who may not have lost as much but were inspired by your help to reach out to their neighbor.

Yes, there is a tremendous task remaining ahead with a lot of time, effort and money to be expended on rebuilding. But bit by bit, house by moved-into-house, vacated trailer by empty FEMA trailer, the task is moving ahead and we give thanks that it is so.

We had a momentary pause this past week as Ernesto churned its way northwest. As much as we are relieved that the Mississippi Coast is NOT in its path (at the moment), we do not forget that there are others who are indeed IN its path. Our prayers lift up those communities, churches and families that its passing may be milder than expected. We particularly remember those in Florida who have been so generous in helping us and pray for their safety.

We will try to keep postings coming to let those who log in know of our situation and we again thank all who keep us in their thoughts and prayers.

Grace and Peace,

George Duffee-Braun
Gautier Presbyterian Church