Monday, June 12, 2006

June 8th

My Dear Friends,

The Lord is very good. We continue to help folks, in the words of Jeremiah, to tear down and build up. It has also been somewhat amazing to all of us that volunteers continue to come.

We will house well over 100 folks at least one week in June and the other weeks are almost that many.

You all have been such a blessing to us, help us bless you all in some way. Let us know if there are ways we might offer ourselves to you.

We are also in continuous need of long term volunteers (at least a month) who have a pop up or RV. We’d love to have folks like that. We have full hookups here at the church now to make things a bit more convenient.

o If you know of someone who feels called to come down for that sort of thing, please give me a call.
o Even if it is in the fall or winter, we’d love to go ahead and speak with them and see if some tentative arrangements could be made.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Chris Bullock
Gautier Presbyterian Church

June 6th

Our Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Just to let you know a few things about the Hurricane Relief Ministries that continue at Gautier Presbyterian Church:

1. Gwyn Ewing has been hired as Site Coordinator. She replaces Susan Duffee Braun, who finished her time with us at the end of April. Gwyn’s email is
2. We strongly encourage anyone who is looking to bring a team to our Church to contact Gwyn to schedule your group. I know we have tried different things in the past, but we believe this is the way to go. Just contact Gwyn.
3. Folks, if you are still working with us and have not adopted a family, let me encourage you to do so. One Church to One Family has been a real blessing for the churches/families that have participated. Email me back if you are interested.
4. We are still in need of work groups – there are some houses that we are just getting into, this many months after the storm.
5. Please keep our church and community in your prayers as we prepare for a new Hurricane Season.

Grace and Peace,

Rev. Chris Bullock


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