Friday, January 20, 2006

Other Links

I have been trying to find collection of images/information about our Church. Here are a few:

1. Ed Brenegar as put together a nice collection of early photos from around the church

2. Evergreen Presbyterian Church in Dothan, Alabama has come over numerous times to help repair the church and community. They have many photos at their site:

3. The Milwaukee, Wisconsin Group of churches recently added a blog

4. For More Pictures from Groups.

Please let me know if there are other sites I should add.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

A group from Trinity Presbyterian Church, Pensacola, Florida with members of Gautier Presbyterian Church

Current Projects at Gautier Presbyterian Church

Current Projects and helpful information

1. We have hired a Site Coordinator, Susan Duffee-Braun. She is now the primary contact person for relief work here at Gautier Presbyterian Church. You can reach her at the church at (228) 497-1706 or We encourage the use of email due to heavy phone use at the church. We know it is sometimes difficult to get through.

2. We are preparing for a church consultation with Tom Bandy in late January to help us figure out where to go as a church from here.

3. We now have 4 showers courtesy of Mid Kentucky Presbytery. We also have a washer/dryer for our work teams.

4. We have begun an adopt a family program: one church would adopt one family and help them get their lives physically (could involve helping them with furniture/flooring or other items) and spiritually back together. If you are interested, please email Daphne Henne and she will put you on the list. We are excited about the potential here to develop deep relationships between families here and our sisters and brothers around the country.

Please email these folks directly if their position addresses your question:

To Schedule a Work Team, please call the scheduling office and ask to come to Gautier Presbyterian church:

Susan Duffee-Braun: Relief Teams of all kind.

Gerry Anne Woodward: Immediate Needs

Daphne Henne: Adopt a Family Please try Daphne via phone first (228 497 1626)

Pastor Chris Bullock: Church Partnership and Covenants.

Rick Torgerson: Work needed around the church itself.

January 18, 2006

Dear Friends,

The work continues in Gautier. We are hosting work crews continually and they are working all over the city. They are also blessing our congregation, bringing the hope of Christ to our Worship in new ways, and ministering to us with their love and concern.

1. As we continue rebuilding, I might note that while all sorts of folks are needed for rebuilding, there is a special need, among all our work crews, for teams that have skills in sheetrocking/flooring/light plumbing and electrical.

2. I will also note that Susan is overwhelmed with the phone these days and it would be very helpful if you could email her instead of calling (it is hard to get through on the phone anyway). Her email address is Hopefully we will install a dedicate phone line for her/you all in the coming weeks.

3. I want every congregation to please prayerfully consider adopting one family in Gautier to support/help rebuild/provide spiritual care. I think this program of adoptions can be a wonderful way for a church to offer one family long term support and spiritual care and for all of us to better minister to those in need in this community. Please email me with “adopt a family” in the subject line if you’d like to consider participating in this new program.

4. Although we really do try to keep you all informed about current goings on in the rebuilding effort, please feel free to email me if you have some specific information we could offer you or if you have suggestions.

5. If you do not have a copy of our CD movie about the first few weeks after the storm around the church and community, please email me with “CD” in the subject box and your address and we will get one to you. We also really need to do an update movie because so much has changed around the church since those early weeks.

a. My office, for instance, looks great and so does the Session room, primarily due to gifts from various churches.
b. The sanctuary as well, while not really all the way there, at least looks pretty nice these days.
c. We are still waiting to see the Stained Glass company maybe next week, to make significant repairs on the stained glass window at the front of the church.
d. One of the other things that has happened in the last few weeks, is that Mid Kentucky came down and built showers and a building for our washer/dryer. We now have 4 showers and the washer/dryer for our volunteers.

When we have a bit of free time, I will try to get you all some visuals of all this.

6. If you would like someone to receive this “journal,” just place the word “email” in the subject box and place the email address in the text area and I will add it.